Know more about Todey-Tangta

Perched at an elevation of 4300ft in the periphery of Neora Valley National Park, the land of the elegant red panda, are the two lesser known hill stations of Dooars region, Todey and Tangta. Situated at the Indo-Bhutan border, Todey Tangta are two picturesque hamlets which are known for its cardamom plantation. Todey and Tangta are two new found destinations of Dooars making them ideal to spend a weekend free from the ruckus of tourist rush. The astounding trekking routes of Todey Tangta have made it a favored destination for adventurer travelling in Dooars region.

Why should visit Todey Tangta?

The journey towards the picturesque hamlets Todey and Tangta are filled with mesmerizing sights making it an unforgettable experience for the tourists. The uphill road leading towards Todey and Tangta take the tourists through the lush valley of tea garden and dense forested area which offers a visual treat for the tourists. The vista of emerald blue Teesta meandering through the lofty mountainous valley witnessed while crossing the iconic Coronation Bridge just add up to the charm in the blissful trip of Todey Tangta.
After reaching Bindu it is a one and a half hour drive towards Todey and Tangta. The proximity of Todey Tangta with Neora Valley National Park has endowed Todey Tangta with rich flora and fauna. Located at the extreme end of Indian border, Todey and Tangta offer an astounding vista of Eastern Himalayas. Before tourism has flourished Todey and Tangta was known for its cardamom plantation but due to some rare fungal infection the production of cardamom plantation has rapidly declined.
Surrounded with alpine forested area Todey Tangta is dotted with astounding trekking route making it a favored adventurer destination, the most famous trekking route being towards Rachelle Peak. Situated close to Tangta Rachella Peak is known for its scenic natural lakes. It is an 8hour trek towards the Rachella Peak through the alpine forest which offers the vista of meandering river stream of Dooars plain. On the downward journey towards Tangta trekkers can take a dip in the Dabai Khola which is known of its medicinal properties.
The name Dabai Khola is derived from the Nepali Language where "Dabai" stands for "medicine" and "Khola" for "stream". Apart from harboring astounding trekking routes, visitors can plunge themselves in the serenity of Todey and Tangta which is only broken by the alluring chirping of exotic birds at the quaint monastery perched at the hilltop of Todey. The area around Todey Monastery is quite renowned for the medicinal plants which are harbored in the large medicinal garden known as Chamelidevi Ayurvedic Garden. There are two significant church n Todey which may hype the interest of visitors. The St. Nicholas church located on a high ground above the main town and the Church of North India located at a lower level just below the main ground of Todey is a humble cottage about 110 years old. From the astounding trekking routes to the decades old chapel Todey Tangta has it all.
Engulf your lungs with the unsullied mountain air while feasting your eyes with the vista of verdant forested area dotting the lofty hills. Far from the maddening crowd Todey Tangta with its serene ambiance, astounding trekking route has become the paradise for the tourist who wants to isolate themselves from the hassle of city life and spend some leisurely time in the simple yet beautiful hamlet of Himalayas nature is at its pristine form.

Best Time to Visit Todey Tangta

Blessed with temperate weather Todey Tangta can be visited throughout the year but if the tourists want to enjoy an unobstructed view of Eastern Himalayan Valley while trekking through the verdant forested area winter season mid November to January is considered the best time to visit Todey Tangta.